Nature provides miraculous phenomena, from a small scale world of the cell to a big scale of the universe. Thanks to those who invent a microscope, from the most primitive one which was created by Robert Hook to today’s the most sophisticated electron microscope.

I always have a passion of taking a picture of plants, flowers, animal, landscape and people since I borrowed a camera of my father when I was in Senior High School (1977-1980). later on when I was a student in a university (ITB), during the period of 1980-1987, I used also my father’s camera to take some pictures of my research objects to put them in my thesis. I bought several cameras when I studied my PhD, from pocket to a proper gear. But at that time when the camera still using a film and we have to develop the negative, photography is an expensive hobby.

Nowadays in digital era, we don’t have to buy a film and later on there is no neeed to develop it. Digital camera enabling us to take thousands of pictures in a short time, and we just need to save them in our computer, later on we can show them to our families or colleagues by means of blog, website, facebook, email, twitter, even just by uploading it in our Blackberry phone. It just becoming so simple.

Since the era of digital camera, I have bought several pocket cameras, the first one is Ricoh 2 megapixel (?), and then Mpix with 5 Megapixel, later on Sony Cybershot (8 Mpixel). The last one was stollen, and then I bought another pocket camera, stil Sony (12 Mpixel). I even bought a Nikon DSLR camera for my daughter as she need it for her “Photography” course in DKV-ITB in 2008. In 2011 I won a research grant from the ASAHI Foundation which I used for buying some research appartus including a Canon DSLR camera.