taufik.jpg Assalamu’alaikum ! (Peace be upon you). I am a lecturer at School of life sciences and technology, Institut teknologi Bandung (ITB). My speciality is Plant science, focusing on plants ability in remediating polluted environment (phytoremediation), identifying level of environmental polution using plants as bioindicator, and on various plants potential as biofuel. I give several courses in SITH-ITB, including Environmental Science, Concept of Technology, and Research Methodology. This semester I also deliver a course on Plant component in Landscape architecture for magister (S2) students in Architecture study program. Previously I also delivered other courses such as Bioindicator, Wetland ecology, Plant ecology, Sustainable development etc.

For personal communication, you can contact me via my e-mail address: taufik@sith.itb.ac.id. Thank you for visiting my blog, hopefully you will find something interesting here 🙂 I’ll be glad if you can send me comments on issues in this blog right in the box below each article.