Writing articles is an important academic activity. In writing one can express his or her ideas and knowledge, communicating with other people, sharing his or her experiences, expressing his or her feeling on some critical issues, etc.

During examination in many world class universities, students usually required to write paper on some issues or problem given by their lecturers. Therefore in the UK, the country where I did my PhD degree, examination is also called making papers. During my study in UK, I never found examination using multiple choice questions, where students only choose one right answer according to his or her knowledge.

The ability of writing articles has a lot of advantages. There are professional writers being hired by newspapers, magazines or publishers with good or even excellent salary. Good writers also required by government leaders to make sensible and good speech on various occasions.

Being students in University, it is your golden opportunity to train your skill in writing, either academic writing or popular one. So, let’s start write and enjoy that !