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Terengganu – a coastal area where it was once famous with the beautiful sea creature, Turtle! This is a place where I’m born and grew up. I’m a sea-lover; I
started to fall in love with the ocean since the day I knew its existence. Terengganu used to be leatherback turtle (the largest of all living turtles) major nesting site, but due to many different kinds of reasons, including pollution which is the main factor lead to the drop in turtle landing on Terengganu beach. Besides that, extinction of leatherback turtle also goes by prevailing of turtle eggs
consumption and poor hatchery management. I remember, years ago I could see people selling turtle’s eggs everywhere in my hometown, how sad it was! Turtle, please come back…

In addition, Terengganu is also famous with some picturesque scenery islands such as Redang Island, Perhentian Island and Kapas Island. The beauty of these enchanting islands will not be immortal if people keep contributing pollution deeds. The first time I stepped on Redang Island was thirteen years ago. By that time, the island was just developed with only two or three resorts and I was so amazed with the crystal clear water, thousands species of marine life, and coral reefs. Three years ago, I went back to the same island, but sadly, I realised time has changed the image of the island just like wrinkles rushing through a woman’s face! My heart wrenched when I dived into the sea and looked at the dead coral reefs. The once colourful and lively coral reefs were now so “pale”.

After recalling all these environmental problems back in my hometown, I would like to shout out to people on earth, “please be responsible citizens of Earth!” The
nature is belonged to us, we have no rights to destroy it but love it. We cannot breath without the green, we cannot live without the blue, and we are all energized
by the red! Peace…