This beautiful panorama is found in Situ Gunung, Sukabumi, West Java. The area is quite large for tracking, mountaineering, and doing some outbond activities such as flying fox, camping etc. You can row a boat around the situ. Situ in sundanese means a lake. Every weekend there are several groups of youngsters doing outbond activities. I visited Situ Gunung in 2003 for a field trip with some colleagues and around 80 students of Biology ITB who took General Biology course. The area has rich biodiversity from natural forest that surround the Situ.  Quite different from other situ or natural recreation area in west java that usually being  surrounded and suffocated by temporary kiosk made by flywood, Situ gunung is free from such things, this  make the view to the Situ clear, and keep it clean, natural and beautiful. The weather is certainly fresh and healthy. At night and early morning it is relatively cold, so you need to wear a warm jacket.  For accommodation, there are some houses and big room for rent. Each house has 5 rooms, it can accommodate 10 persons The big room can accommodate around 100 people. There are also restaurant, organized compactly around the area.