jarak_pohon.jpgJatropha curcas or jarak pagar (literally means “distance tree” he he), is now among other plant receiving a lot of attention all over the world. This is because from its seed, a biofuel can be extracted, that is a good news for the world which is facing significant reduction in fossil fuel availability as main source of energy. The use of fossil fuel also polluting the environment with carbon dioxide (CO2) which in turn causing global warming. Therefore seed oil from Jatropha offers an excellent alternative for the source of energy.

It was Brazil who has started the endeavour and now the country has already using seed oil from Jatropha in big scale. Even a country like Japan is now learning from Brazil on how to make use of Jatropha seed for mass transportation. In Indonesia business in Jatropha seed oil has not reach significant level, partly  due to uncertainty of government policy to back up (by means of providing incentives) to the project. Another problem is private sector up to now is also seem reluctant in tackling the business. Few production plants have been erected by Pertamina. The problem is mainly due to the uncertainty of oil seed supply as this requires large amount of land to be cultivated with Jatropha plants. This is becoming problem as land is also required for cultivating crops.

The photographs were taken in 2006 in Siak, Riau Povince. At the right side one little Jatropha seed was seen in between leaves of the plant. At the left side the habitus of the plant with its height around one meter. The plant grew in the front yard of a house. In many parts of the country Jatropha has long been used as fence tree.