You may be familiar with hydroponic, but do you also familiar with

Aeroponic ?  While hydroponic means growing or cultivating plants in water culture, aeroponic means growing or cultivating them in the air. But how could plants grow in the air ? well… sure the plants need something to support them hanging in the air such as polystyrene.  The shoot was hold by polystyrene while its roots hanging beneath.  Polystyrene was placed on a container made from fibre glass  where there was water sprinkler that regularly spray nutrient water to plant roots. By that way the plants get their water and mineral which are necessry for plant growth.  In Amazing farm, Lembang, you can see rows of vegetables such as lettuce grown in aeroponic method in plastic made greenhouses. Before the plants were grown the seeds were germinated on wool that was made from batu apung. What amazed in this amazing farming is the fact that almost all materials including the wool, fibre glass container, and plant seeds were imported either from the netherland, taiwan or singapore. The vegetables produced by Amazing farm are sent mostly to Jakarta for supermarkets and hotels, surely  with good  price, since the vegetables are of good quality.